Mercuriall Audio Softwareがアンプシミュレータープラグイン『Spark』をリリースしました。

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Mercuriall Audio Software、Marshallアンプをシミュレートしたプラグイン『Spark』を発表!今年中にリリース予定



価格は120ドル。2016/12/23までイントロプライス99ドルで購入可能。また、Mercuriall Audio Softwareがリリースしているアンプシミュレータープラグイン『U530』をお持ちの方は同じく99ドルで購入可能です。

Product Details

Amp section:
Based on Marshall® AFD (four channels)
Based on Marshall® JCM 800 (two channels)
Based on Marshall® JMP Super Lead (two channels) with Master Mod
Based on Marshall® JMP Super Bass (two channels) with Master Mod

12AX7 RCA, 12AX7 RSD; 6L6GC, EL34

Cab section:
Based on Bogner® Uberkab 412 – 4×12 Celestion® G12T-75
Based on Bogner® Uberkab 412 – 4×12 Celestion® V30s
Based on Marshall® 1960B – 4×12 Greenback
Based on Marshall® 1960B – 4×12 JBL® K120 (vintage)
Microphones: Shure® SM57, Sennheiser® MD441, Royer® R121

Pedals and FX section:
Noise Gate
Overdrive based on Ibanez® TS-808
Overdrive based on Ibanez® TS-808 Lower Drive Mod
Overdrive based on Ibanez® TS-7 Hot
Overdrive based MESA/BOOGIE® Grid Slammer
Stereo Chorus
Stereo Delay
Stereo Reverb

Additional settings:
Oversampling: no, x2, x4, x8
Samplerate: 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96
Stereo processing allowed


Spark | Mercuriall Audio Software

Spark is the realization of all our latest achievements in the field of real-time electric circuits modeling. First of all, it’s a tube push-pull power amplifier that is working with a reactive load (guitar cabinet), with negative feedback and electric feed chains.

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